Terms & Conditions

1) Contestants in the Competition will play in the alphabetical order, starting from the letter chosen in a draw by the Artistic Director in the presence of two witnesses.

2) The Jury may stop any performance at any time.

3) Provided timings must be strictly observed. Repeats should only be played if necessary.

4) Missing a scheduled performance will result in disqualification, except in unforeseen circumstances that the contestant had taken all reasonable and possible arrangements to arrive on time.

5) Performance attire is required for all stage appearances. Performance attire consists of nice button-up shirt, pants and shoes, coat and tie for men, and nice dress/outfit for women. Casually dressed contestants (t-shirts, khakis, jeans, sports shoes, sandals) will not be admitted onto the stage, the entry fee will not be refunded.

6) The contestants will be offered fifteen minutes of warm up time before their performance.

7) The number of contestants admitted to the final is not predetermined, but will range from 5 to maximum 10 contestants.

8) Awards will be presented, and can be received, only during the awards ceremony on Sunday, December 15, 2013 at 6:30pm. Absence from the awards ceremony will result in the withdrawal of the award. The award ceremony includes a benefit concert performance by Dr. William Corbett-Jones presented by Forest Hill Concerts. Checks not cashed within six months will not be reissued. Contestants must be present to claim the prize. Absent participants who won will cause their prize to be awarded to an alternate winner if present.

9) Applicants consent that they will perform, be recorded and participate in the activities and events of the Competition at any time as requested by organizers. No fee will be payable to the applicants/contestants/accompanists. Organizers reserve the right to disqualify the contestant and withdraw the prize if their obligations towards the Competition or the organizers are not fulfilled. Entry fees will not be returned.

10) FHYAMC holds exclusive rights to produce, use, and preserve in any way any of the audio and video images taken during the Competition. The copyrights for all the material created, produced or obtained during the Competition belong to the Competition.

11) Creating any audio and visual images of the performances during the Competition, other than on behalf of FHYAMC and with their explicit permission, is strictly forbidden.

12) The organizers will take decisions in all matters outside the competence of the Jury or not covered by the Rules and Regulations. Their decisions are final and not subject to appeal.

13) Applicants are responsible for arranging their own insurance. Organizers are not responsible for any items lost or stolen, or for any damage occurred during the Competition.

14) Failure to provide accurate and truthful information; follow the Competition instructions; follow the Competition Terms and Conditions; show respect and consideration for other participants, members of the Jury, hosts and organizers may result in disqualification of the contestant and/or withdrawal of the prize.

15) The organizers hold no responsibility for cancellation of/alterations to the event resulting from the force majeure circumstances and circumstances beyond the organizers’ control, and for any associated damages and/or losses.

16) All doubts regarding these Terms and Conditions will be resolved on the basis of the English text.